Friday, 21 June 2013

Artnthat - Matt Russell's Graduate Collection Part 1

My honours year collection is the result of detailed research and development into the topic of place and identity.

Combining geographical landscapes and my own recordings of travel I have designed an androgynous fashion collection, showcasing the appeal of concealed identity within today’s globalised hybrids of cultures merging.

The experience of travel, both having studying abroad in Nanjing China and completing placements away from home in London and Paris has led to me developing my appreciation of my own Scottish heritage which led to me being heavily influenced by the Scottish landscape.

In pushing the constraints of scale and perspective I looked into the concealment of identity within a globalised culture. This led to create these luxurious printed silk chiffon scarves 

Printed Silk Chiffon Scarves - Matt Russell 
Photography                            - Chris Henderson 
Make-Up Artistry                   - Chloe Marie Watt
Model                                        - Aroosha Nekonam

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