Friday, 15 February 2013

"Perspective" My interim exhibition - A snapshot of my graduate collection so far...

This snapshot of my work is an insight into my research and development of the topic of 'Place'.
In depth, I have developed my own interpretations of landscape, mapping and my own recordings of travel. With Aborigine Songlines, Gilbert & George and Keith Haring as my inspiration, I have now begun to construct my own abstract vision of mapping out using the constraints of scale and the interaction within the contemporary interiors market.

You can read about my design process and the printing of my fringing in detail via my previous blog post.

The fringing worked extremely well as my first sample and I look forward to developing it further for my final degree show collection.
With the fantastic response that It received during the exhibition I'm looking to create more samples and branch into the fashion market with the fringing taking it in exciting innovative new directions.

You can keep up-to-date all my work via ART'n'THAT by following me on:

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