Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ones To Watch - Menswear Catwalk - Julian Zigerli

Ones to Watch
Menswear Catwalk
London Fashion Week
Vauxhall Fashion Scout 
Designer: Julian Zigerli

I was rather unsure what to expect when arriving at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Venue, although one thing that was for certain was that there would be lots of press, due to the overwhelming demand in menswear collections over the past few years and that was certainly the case.

Known for experimenting with innovative production techniques including laser cutting and
translucency, Julian Zigerli created a sports luxe inspired collection.
Sheer long sleeved cotton tops were paired with cargo-inspired trousers and hooded sports jackets tightly tied around the face. 

The collection included many padded pieces including gilets and puffer jackets with built in backpacks - which looked amazing!!!
 These built in backpacks were worn with matching trousers in patterned cotton. Stepping away from the sports luxe, Zigerli showcased a deep red knitted jumper matched with extra short dusty grey shorts.

A really interesting and well developed collection!


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  1. I am really interested on that Puffer Jackets with that built in backpacks. I think it is so cool, you really don't disappoint us in giving great and quality menswear.

  2. I must agree you really did a great job in terms of fashion but i will just suggest that once blogging you must consider the quality of your images.


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