Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Photogram Life Drawing Designs - ARTnTHAT

Photogram of Leaves and Lightbulbs
photogram is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive material such as photographic paper and then exposing it to light. The usual result is a negative shadow image that shows variations in tone that depends upon the transparency of the objects used. Areas of the paper that have received no light appear white; those exposed through transparent or semi-transparent objects appear grey. 
Photogram of Scissors

Essentially anything can be placed onto the photographic paper to create a different effect.
I decided to combine my life drawings with semi transparent objects such as light bulbs, acetate, leaves, jewellery and feathers - it is then up to me to how many seconds of Light I give the paper with the object on top which gives the end result a different effect.

My life drawings were then converted to acetate and then layered onto the photographic paper along with some leaves, lightbulbs and text I had written.


The layering of all these transparent objects and drawings created a real effect of depth which could be used in not only as nice images but I plan on using it as repeat image for digitally printed fabric....
Keep your eyes pealed for some photogram inspired fabric....

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