Friday, 3 February 2012

My Metal Sculpted Dress : Textiles Draping and Innovative Dress Making

Working with unusual and innovative fabrics and methods is of highest priority as a textiles designer to ensuring you are keeping fresh and ahead of the game - This is always at the forefront of my deigns and work
I was given the brief was to use my most innovative ideas in relation to draping and intergrate them as part of our draping project in the construction of a floor length dress.
I decided to use unconventional materials as my textile, this material being metal. 
I began work with aluminium metal sheets which I took to the welding workshops and melted into rounded and streamlining sculpted segments which was then constructed into my floor length dress as seen below.
Adding another dimension to my dress was the projection of the amazing colours onto the metal, creating a reflective metal dress.

The recording which was projected and reflected on the dress was a video I took of the colours created when I welded the metal.

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