Friday, 9 September 2011

Blairs College, St Mary's - Aberdeen

My Grandparents visited me in Aberdeen the other week and we took a trip to Blair's College, a museum for an college closed in the 80's.
It was Scotland's only junior seminary for boys and young men 
studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Up a country lane, along a dirt track you are led up to the "Hogwarts" 
of Aberdeenshire.
The most impressive building hidden within the trees and 
surrounding countryside.

Inside there was also St Mary's Church, which the boys would have attended.
This however still runs as the local parish. I took a photosyth, a 3D panorama
 of the church allowing you to see it in depth, in my previous post.

There was a wonderful archive of religious textiles dating back to the 15th Century,
 embroidery and rich colours like you couldn't imagine.

A trip with the grandparents wouldn't be right without a trip to the tea room.
Blairs college and St Mary's Chapel is well worth the visit if your interested in seeing a rather unknown tourist destination in Aberdeen. You can find out more by clicking here.

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