Thursday, 16 June 2011

Saachi Gallery London, June 2011

Took a trip to the Saatchi Gallery during our short stay in London and it was well worth a visit!

A short walk from Sloane Square in among fashionable boutiques and cafes was the Saatchi Gallery showcasing the latest  contemporary art from Sculpture, Painting and Textiles on its fantastic 70,000 sq ft building. 

There was some really fantastic exhibitions on including the work of Dundee artist David Batchelor who's work with its use of bright illuminated artificial colours reminded me instantly of the Chinese Streets at night. 

Dirk Skreber's work features as part of the exhibit – it draws upon perceptions from his childhood in Germany, inspired by the overwhelming industrial presence in his home town. His work focuses on creating a dystopian visionary wastelands from cars wrapped round poles and bike parts lingering across barren roads. Photo below of me crawling out of one of the wrecks.

John Baldessari’s work seen below is one I found particularly interesting as there was a consistent urge to delve in to the piece named Beethoven's Trumpet (with ear) and listen to see if you could hear any sound, however I suppose its the ear listening and for us to make the sound. 

Entry to all exhibitions at the new Gallery are free. 
For more information on visiting the Saatchi Gallery Click here


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