Saturday, 12 March 2011

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Gardens is an Arboretum and public park located in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland. It features several glasshouses, the most notable of which is the Kibble Palace. The gardens were created in 1817, and run by the Royal Botanic Institution of Glasgow

Capturing the texture of the leaves with my macro lens...capturing the delicate nature of the plants.

I love the patten of the branches in this above photo and you can instantly imagine the printed or woven textile inspired by this photo.

Notice the ants in the above photo.

A fantastic image of the iconic Venus fly trap plant where 
the wonderful reds merge with the outer green.

In the 1920s a statue was added in the palace to "King Robert of Sicily" a figure from the works of Longfellow. This is by the Scottish sculptor George Henry Paulin a really beautiful feature I felt to the Glasgow Botanic Gadens.

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