Sunday, 20 March 2011

Aberdeen Weavers Competition - Matt Russell - Winner

To my shock and great honour I was awarded 1st place in the Guild of Aberdeen weavers corporation competition.

Aberdeen can look back on a long and interesting history, especially from 1124 when, as a growing centre of trade and commerce, it became a Royal burgh and therefore won special distinction with other principal burghs in Scotland.
Much of that history stems from the actions of its early Burgesses, those responsible citizens who, appointed as freemen, were charged with guarding the burgh's laws and customs as well as the burgh itself. Their loyalty to King and community brought its own rewards by way of trading privileges as well as the general esteem in which they were held.

It was  a massive honour to be given a position in the weavers guild competition. For this we had to Create a woven collection of materials along with our research(seen below) which I gained from New Lanark Woolen mill as well as The tartan mill and exhibition in Edinburgh. This went along with the colour and texture research I gained from the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow.

All textiles students were given the opportunity to enter the competition and there was entries from Second (my year), Third and Fourth year students as well as applicants from various external weavers from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

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