Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Study China Program

Nanjing at night

Shocked does not describe how I feel at the moment.... I cant believe it but I have been chosen to go and study in China in April for 3 weeks.!!

I was awarded a place out of 2000 applicants so rather honoured to be given a spot.
I have been awarded a place in Nanjing where I will be given a chance to form a long-lasting relationship with

China, during my trip I will also be learning the language with over 40 hours of Mandarin lessons, the trip will also be packed with exciting and interesting activities. It is designed to give you a realistic experience of what life is like in China and to enable you to meet Chinese people. Previous programmes have included amongst other things: - Tai Chi, calligraphy and kite making classes, weekends away in Shanghai in a mountain village, work experience on an archaeological dig, Beijing Opera, amazing acrobatics shows and tea house/museum visits.

Nanjing  南京 Jiangsu Province
Nanjing University
Jiangsu is one of China’s most economically vibrant
provinces, benefiting from significant foreign
investments such as Suzhou Industrial Park. Nanjing, as
the capital of Jiangsu province, is situated in the lower
Yangtze River.  Together with Shanghai and 14 other
cities, it forms the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.
It is one of China's most important historic cities along
with Beijing and Xian and was the capital of the
Republic of China till 1949.  Nanjing has also been a
national hub of education, research, transportation and
tourism throughout history. The population is over five
million.  The city still has the best kept city wall built by
the first emperor of Ming dynasty in 14th century
Nanjing High-street.
I'm so pleased that my application for the program has been such as success, and I can already imagine the influence this trip of a lifetime will impact my work and viewpoint on life.
Nanjing with its population of 5 million roughly the same as the population of Scotland will no doubt be a complete culture shock to me, however in my work I intend to focus on the way in which the East culture can perhaps be mixed with that of the west.

Excited and utterly nervous at the same time...Just imagine the photos and textiles resarch I will gather.

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  1. Well Done you!!! thats soo amaazing! :)



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