Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Lanark Mill and Heritage Centre

I visited the New Lanark  Mills as research for my weaving project, I wanted to discover the production of the weave from the creation of the cotton right up the the manufacture of the woven material.

New Lanark is not far from the small town I am originally from so I thought I would make the most of my visit down from Aberdeen.

New lanark was founded in 1786 by David Dale, who built cotton mills and housing for the mill workers. Dale built the mills there to takIe advantage of the water power provided by the river. Under the ownership of a partnership that included Dale's son-in-law, Robert Owen, a Welsh philanthropist and social reformer, New Lanark became a successful business and an epitome of utopian socialism.

These cotton machines are forming cotton onto spools to be sold in various shops across the world, back when the mill was working back in the 1800's children would be used to collect the wool which fell from the machinery.

The River seen below is the River Clyde which is the primary  power system for the machinery used in the Mill and you can view the large water powered wheels powering the mill.

I would recommend a visit to you all if you get the chance! Not only is the Heritage centre extremal interesting it is such a beautiful Scottish location to visit.

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