Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gordon Highlanders Scarf Range - The Photo-shoot

These are the scarves which were created by me and my team  for the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen. These will be exhibited in the GH museum for roughly six months (dates coming soon!) showcasing our designs, sketchbooks, photo-shoot photos and of course the scarves...

These scarves will be up for sale as well as our designs will be showcased at the museum from the 1st of February!

Gordon Highlanders Museum

February 1 - 30 November
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Tea Room and gardens - admission free.
Museum admissions:
Adult - £5.00
Senior Citizens and students - £3.00
Child - £2.00
Family - £11.00

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gordon Highlanders Museum - Scarf Range Designs

I am Currently working on a Scarf Range for the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen which will be exhibited in the GH museum for roughly six months showcasing the designs, sketchbooks, photo-shoot photos and of course the scarves ...

The Gordon Highlanders is one of the great names in Scottish history and one of the most celebrated regiments of the British Army.

Renowned as a courageous fighting force with an exceptional reputation for good conduct, professionalism and steadfastness, the legacy of The Gordon Highlanders lives on through the current serving soldiers of The Highlanders, 4th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland. 

Although in 2006, The Highlanders were merged with Scotland’s five other infantry regiments to form The Royal Regiment of Scotland. 

However since then the Gordon Highlanders Heritage and History has been preserved in the heart of north-east Scotland, in the beautiful former home of prominent Scottish artist, Sir George Reid, the Museum is constantly evolving with various exhibitions, corporate visits and events.

The Gordon Highlanders Museum has now decided to work with 3rd Year Textiles on a live project with Gray's School of Art.

We will be having a 6 month exhibition in the Press and Journal Corridor at the Gordon Highlanders museum. This exhibition is to include a range of 100% Lambswool scarves designed by ourselves to be exhibited and sold at the museum.

I began my research with a visit to the museum where I took various photographs, drawings and imprints of the collections the museum holds. 
After being given a chance to explore not only the museum but an interesting insight into the Archives of the Military forces of the past. 
Below is a short example of some of the print designs I created to be used for the scarves.

Bydand Emblem Repeat

Inspired by the ceramics of the regiment

Inspired by WW2 helmet marks

Inspired from the GH stained glass windows

Bydand emblem.

From there we were divided into groups where we were to create a brand associated with our chosen style.
With my past experience in branding as well as photoshop skills I created or brand 
"Ley of the Land" with the Scottish spelling of Lay.

Ley of the Land - Our brand 
The 100% lambswool scarves were printed using various dyes and inks as well as embellished and sewn making each one completely unique.
We had a photo-shoot with photographer Mick Easton who got some fantastic shots of our range.

Photo-shoot photos coming soon...

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

ART 'n' THAT now blogging for STV .

ARTnTHAT - The blog which follows the work of (me) Matt Russell a student at Gray's School of Art at the Robert Gordon University where I specialise in textiles and surface design will be now showcased through the online  platform of STV

I visited STV studios recently to meet the team who work there and also received an exciting yet surreal tour of the STV studios...I even got to sit in the News seat just after the lunchtime news. (below)

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Watch this space for further exciting things...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Weavers Guild of Aberdeen Award Winner - Matt Russell

On Thursday the 10th of November I was invited to an intimate awards ceremony hosted by the City Guild of Aberdeen to allow me to meet the Guild as well as present my research, development and weaving samples.  I gave a presentation exploring my work, thought process and development leading onto how beneficial the cash sum the guild presented me contributed to my research and studying in Nanjing China last March - there I  researched textiles of the east as well as Chinese Culture and language. 
Read more about my Chinese Experience in depth via the links below.

 I was so pleasantly received by the guild and it was a wonderful privilege to be given a dedicated night to my work. There was a private tour of the Guild Property where there were hundreds of magnificent paintings and priceless chairs and artefacts dating back to the 12th Century. Such an archive of wonders I was given an insight into historical pieces the public are unavailable to witness. Such an inspiration.

This is a short summary of the Work I created for the guild - beginning with research and developing through to the winning weaving samples and outcome. 

Research of Pattern Colour and Tone
I began my research for pattern, colour and tone at Glasgow's Botanic Gardens where the have a fantastic array of exotic plants and flowers. I Posted a full blog post about my research at the Gardens which you can read in full here.

Weaving in Action
I began researching traditional weaving methods at the Edinburgh weaving mill as well as an in depth visit to Lanark Weaving Mill museum where I learned the traditional methods and principles of Scottish weaving.
You can read about Matt's Visit to the Mills via the links below. 

I then took all my research gathered from the Botanic Gardens as well as the Mill's into my weaves and developed them into my work as you can see below. 

Winning Weaving Profile
The following photographs are a insight into my weaves designs, for these I took the colour texture and tone research from the botanic gardens and combined it with the traditional methods of Scottish weaving. I created these designs which explored both the exotic as well as the local. I used some innovative materials such as the coloured branches - which are seen in a range of warm and earthy colours giving a contrast to the soft and versatile wools and chenille etc.

I would especially like to thank Lorraine Sneddon the technician from Gray's School of art, who helped me overcome any technical difficulties weaving my branches.
Thank you very much also to Weavers Guild of Aberdeen who's contribution to my trip to China was incredibly beneficial as well as an incredible privilege to be invited to the City Guild and be given such a warm welcome at the ceremony and for the wonderfull insight into Aberdeen's past and future.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

MIRRORED - Collaborative Exhibition

Above : Flyer for Exhibition, half Matt half Holly.

A Collaborative exhibition exploring the bridge between Photography and Textiles. 
I worked with my friend and Photography student Holly Aitchison to create a series of photographs and projections which explore the boundaries between textiles and photography.

We worked with Textiles Prints and photographic research I used in projects previously along with Holly's photographic and digital media skills to make a combined set of projections.

These projections then were projected onto each others torso and face, allowing the projection to interact and be manipulated by our positions and angle.
Some of the projections really allowed myself to visualise in another manor how my prints could interact with the human form.

These were then photographed in the photo studio in high quality, adjusted by ourselves then we shortlisted with photos we would use in the exhibition. After much thought and consideration the photographs were then printed digitally to the size of A1 (roughly the size of 8 A4 pages combined).

The preparation of an exhibition was greatly underestimated by myself however it was certainly worth the work.

Myself within a textile photo combination of stained glass window and a Tiger print.

Holly within a photo I took in Shanghai with her Cat's eyes.

Myself interacting with one of my textiles designs

Falling from a hight.

Wings of Barcelona

Holly within my Textiles Print

Holly within the Tiger Beach.
It's me Matt!! With Mini Matt projected
 on my top. I MUST Make a T-shirt like this

The Exhibition opened on Thursday 13th October at Gray's School of Art with a fantastic 
reception along with wine and nibbles. 

A few photos of the Opening night too below.

The Exhibition is running for a week at Gray's School of Art Aberdeen so be sure to pop by if your near...
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