Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tex styles Printing....continued

As I spoke in my previous post I was doing my printing project where I had to create 10 Professionally finished samples. As part of this I designed headers to go along with this which had the title on the front and info on how the were created on the reverse.
  • 2 Devore Prints
"Devore"  is when a material which is made from both natural and man made fibres, has a paste printed on top of it and the paste burns the natural fibre from it leaving the man made material behind, this is particularly effective on Devore Velvet, which you will see below

    Devore Velvet
 Devore material with printed material behind  
  • 2 Binder Prints
Binder Printing is when block colour which has to be premixed is applied to separate screens to create a print of many colours.

ABOVE: Presentation example of how my samples look....

ABOVE: Close up of Binder Print 1
 ABOVE: Close up of Binder Print 2
  • 2 Dyed Fabrics
These are various dyed fabrics which I have dyed either Solid Colour or dip dyed the fabric to create a fading transition effect

 ABOVE: Dyed Fabric with puff feature.
 ABOVE: Dip Dyed Fabric
  • 2 Metallic Binder,
Metallic binder is a particular binder (printing ink) which has a shine or metallic effect for my prints I did one gold and one silver.

 Above: Silver Metallic Binder full presentation & close up.
 Gold Binder with discharge and puff feature.
  • Puff Binder, 
Puff binder and the Devore have to be my two favourites, Puff is a particular substance which you print with and is then immediately put into the Oven to heat, the heat then to the areas which have been printed, embosses them and makes a totally 3D print, this is also very textural and stands out from the material, colour can also be added to the puff to create a colour raised effect.

  • Discharge Printing.
Discharge printing is when a material is dyed then discharge paste is applied through your exposed screen (with the pattern on it) The dicharge paste essentially bleaches the colour from the material, however unlike bleaching it can replace the colour with another.

  Dyed black material with discharged pattern, embellished print and hand sewn bead work.
 Dyed blue material with discharged pink pattern and embellished organza.

 To enhance many of these prints I embellished them with smaller printed features and organza on some. I also applied some bead work to finish off the looks that I desired for the fabric.

I defiantly feel like the printing is something which I would like to take further, I feel as though there is so many different ways in which you can take it and expand and experiment. I am looking forward to taking these new found skills further in my future designs and fabrics...Look out 2011!

M xxx

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  1. Hi, I think your fantastic!! My heart is all a flutter with your artwork. I would like to know more about puff binder


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