Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tex styles Knitting....

Knitting is something I have never really been that interested in, as a child my Gran taught me how to knit, however after constantly forgetting my stitch number I eventually gave up, Knitting in the Textiles and Surface Design Department at the Art School is on a completely different level to my grandmothers sitting room.
But does that change my opinion?

Well first of all, its machine knitting not hand Knitting. These machines consist of 200 needles and can be very unpredictable. You  have to by hand manipulate the needles adapt the knit and depending on what you do changes the knit completely.

Knitwear is something which as you will most likely know has became very popular this Autumn/Winter with some fantastic knits and creations across the board and this helped me plow ahead and keep at the knitting. Unfortunately after our third day of our technician taking us through the basics she got stranded in the snow..and that was the end of our teaching time. The Snow which had been steadily getting worse in Aberdeen reached a peak, temperatures reaching -22 and eventually our knitting was put on hold, I decided to keep on going and with the help of a few others and my knit manual I managed to keep on and make the most of what I knew.

I did however manage to make some knitwear for myself to keep cosy and make the most out of the mad snow....take a look at my knitted collar scarf and fingerless gloves.

The Knit Project is due to be completed on our return, if the weather persists that is. I have to admit that I much preferred the printing project due to the freedom of what you create and I have had a steady love for printing over the past few years since my master-class at the Glasgow Print Studio, but I wont dismiss the knitting just yet....

To be continued.....

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