Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lack of blogging...... Apologies winter has arrived.

Up here in Aberdeen we have had a pretty hectic winter, with the madness of the snow and temperatures reaching as low as -22 its been pretty crazy.

 Apologies for not blogging very often this past month however I have lots to update you about.
  • At the end of November CARi and myself had a stand at the Country Living Christmas Fair, which was a massive success, our Collars being especially popular with the cold winter approaching.
  • I completed  my print project at Art School, which you can see one of the pictures from my previous post of me printing away happily. This project consisted of me making 10 professionally designed and finished printed materials which I managed to do successfully and recieved an A for my results.  I shall post some photographs for you to have a look.
  • I then moved onto my Knit project, This consisted of me learning how to use the knitting machines and create a simialr ten samples to go along with that of the print. I shall also post some photographs for this...however due to the Art School eventually getting closed due to the intense snow and our knit technician getting stuck down in Edinburgh the project was cut short and we have to catch up after Christmas with our knitting.
  • I have also been working with CARi at various Christmas Fairs across Scotland where we have received great Feedback for our Collar been pretty busy to say the least.
So once again I apologise for not being on here that often recently but I promise to get back to normal before the New Year (tomorrow) and update you in further detail of my latest goings on.

M xxx

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