Sunday, 24 October 2010


I have been interested in movement recently and have been putting some thought into ways movement can be way I particularly like is long exposure.

Sometimes I felt as though long exposure never really showed the full extent of the motion so I decided to emphasise this by using flour to leave a track.

This is a few of the flour motion photos I took. :)

This one below is one of me blowing the flour..I really liked the contrast of colours and distortion of this image by my face not being visible.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Motif -ated

Back into full swing of things at Art School again...feels like I have never left.
We have began making motifs that I plan to use for printing onto materials, there is eleven different ways to organise a repeat print - completely changing the way the motif looks each time.
For this project we  have to complete (due 18th October):
  •  2 Colour Story Boards (one Autumn/Winter and one Spring/Summer).
  • 11 A3 repeat structures in full Spring/Summer colours.
  • 11 A3 repeat structures in full Autumn/Winter colours.
  • All of the above has to be spray mounted on A3 white mount board.
  • Presentation is very important
Below is the a few of the motifs that I have chosen to use for my repeat pattern ...
I took these prints and patterns from drawings that I completed for my summer project.


This is only a few that I have completed but it gives you an idea of the patterns and colours that I am using. 
Had an induction for the print studio -where we will be printing the our materials -I have to admit I got SOO excited to get back printing again...something I haven't done since I completed my master-class at the Glasgow Print Studio a couple years back...Cant wait!
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