Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Salvador Dali Exhibition

We visited the Salvador Dali exhibition in Paris which to say the least was FANTASTIC!
I cant express enough how much of a genius Dali really was, and this was proof to that.

Surrealism is certainly my favourite art movement...and the thought put into his work was soo inspiring!
One of the most interesting pieces that I discovered in the exhibition was a drawing that Dali had done that looked like a distorted page of shapes...however there is a silver pole at the base of the image which joins the drawing together to show one of many self portraits of Dali.

Its really the hidden images and shapes within Dali's work which makes his work timeless and seeing it in real life resulted im me noticing things I never thought posssible...

Its impossible to leave this exhibition without feeling inspired and in awe of Dali and his work

Below is an image I got taken in a photo-booth (which gives you the Dali look) at the exhibition in a truly Dali-esc fashion....don't you think I look his double...

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