Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Textiles & Surface Design Year Two

I've just started back at Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon University.

I'm currently starting my second year and SOO excited to get back into the swing of things after having a busy summer working.

Received an A for my Summer Project so pretty chuffed - I have included some photos of the work that I produced for this below

We are using this Summer Project as the basis for the next projects, I'm currently developing these drawings into a motif which I am arranging into various types of printing methods (various patterns of sorts) Below is the image I am planning on some sort of form.

I've also began a Daily Drawing Sketchbook which I have to maintain until mid December...suppose this can go along with my Daily photograph! You can still follow my Daily Photo which is on its 130th Day so View todays and previous  Click Here

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Paris Premier Vision Trip

Visited for a few days to Paris for Premier Vision to buy the new materials for next years collection, but obviously we took in some other stops along the way...

Arc De Triomphe

Decided to take a long exposure of the Arc de Triomphe as we took a walk along the Champs de Elysee, not too bad for my first long exposure traffic photograph.

I have to say I'm glad this memorable location was the place of my first long exposure, haha SAD!

Sacre Coeur Paris

Sacre Coeur is a really interesting part of Paris....we arrived in the centre of a hot spot for painters and artists...

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris

 Notre Dame Cathedral Paris has to be one of the most breathtaking places I've ever been.
I have always found Churches as places of wonder but I was in shock when I saw the size and scale of the stained glass windows it was beyond belief.

Salvador Dali Exhibition

We visited the Salvador Dali exhibition in Paris which to say the least was FANTASTIC!
I cant express enough how much of a genius Dali really was, and this was proof to that.

Surrealism is certainly my favourite art movement...and the thought put into his work was soo inspiring!
One of the most interesting pieces that I discovered in the exhibition was a drawing that Dali had done that looked like a distorted page of shapes...however there is a silver pole at the base of the image which joins the drawing together to show one of many self portraits of Dali.

Its really the hidden images and shapes within Dali's work which makes his work timeless and seeing it in real life resulted im me noticing things I never thought posssible...

Its impossible to leave this exhibition without feeling inspired and in awe of Dali and his work

Below is an image I got taken in a photo-booth (which gives you the Dali look) at the exhibition in a truly Dali-esc fashion....don't you think I look his double...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

New House....

Sorry for not updating my Blog much at the moment, as I just recently moved to a new house and haven't got round to setting up broadband :( bad times I know..

..Away to Paris next weekend however so look out for my Paris photography and textiles research as we visit various Fashion houses and Premier Vision Textiles Exhibition researching the new materials for our next collection.

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