Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Art School Summer Project

Well we have just received our summer project for textiles, the summer break is nearly over however better late than never.

Although extremely busy with work at the moment with the release for the New Collection of Collars and Snoods  I have decided to spend a couple of hours (or at least one) a night to get the project going.
The project is to
  • Buy Elle & Elle Home magazine
  • Create 20 drawings inspired by the magazines
  • Write 2 essays on each of the magazines
  • Start a fabric bible to refer to costs and where to buy
Luckily the with the work we are doing for the winter collection of Collars and our visit to Paris in September the fabric samples shouldn't be too difficult to gather.

These are some of the drawings I have completed so far for this project.....Don't worry I wont bore you with the essays.....yet


  1. Oooh very niccee :) Naaee doot Charlie left it til last minute! :P You're going to Paris?! :O:O jealouss


  2. Thank you very much Laura! Rachel Singer has taken over from Charlie! Yes Cari and myself are away just before university starts..shall be tres inspired for my return! :)


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