Saturday, 28 August 2010

100th day of Daily Photo!!!!!

That's my Daily Photo reached its 100th Day!!!

Can't believe it! This project started with me deciding to take an artistic photograph everyday once I had finished Art School for Summer and  as a sort of personal project.

Since you see something inspiring at least once a day (and when I didn't it made me look for something )and think "oh that would be good to use for a project," or "thats really unusual/strange"  it began a visual diary of daily life. 

Now I've certainly began to notice things I've never noticed before, after a while we become oblivious to the things around us...sometimes just by looking up you would be surprised to see something you have never noticed before.

I was then surprised to get followers and then  being reblogged across the globe, in blogs in New York, London etc... oh so think others appreciate your work and are interested.
 Would like to say thanks again to all my followers!

Take a trip to visit my Daily Photograph. 

Fishing for a dream...

Took a trip down the Feugh Falls to see the Salmon jump.

It only takes place over this time of year as the salmon attempt to swim upstream to spawn.

After seeing a few failed attempts it was quite funny yet sad to see these fish flying in the air briefly for a few seconds before bouncing off the waterfall...however for them its a matter of life or death.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Drawing in the moonlight...

“Promises are like the full moon, if they are not respected at once they diminish day by day”

Last night I was sitting at my desk drawing as I saw an arc reflecting on the conservatory roof...after looking out the window I saw the full moon shining bright...
Directly out my bedroom window the moon was shining bright creating a silhouette with the trees in the foreground.

I also then decided to take a long exposure self portrait of myself in the moonlight.

Sometimes I guess inspiration can sometimes come to you...

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bee inspired- Talk on Bill Gibb by Rachel Singer

I found out that Aberdeen Art Gallery were doing a talk on Bill Gibb the wonderful fashion designer from the 70's only to discover that the Course leader of Fashion & Textiles -Rachel Singer- was presenting it.

The talk explained how the second year students were given a brief to create garments inspired by Bill Gibb, their work was presented along with that of Gibb's -known also for his hidden bee within his garments- in Provost Skene's House.

A fantastic insight into both Bill Gibb and of second year textiles (which I am starting in  late September). 
Cannot wait to get back to the art school and get into the swing of things again.

Right: Two of the fashion and textiles student Gibb inspired garments.

To find out more about Rachel's talk click here
To visit the exhibition and Provost Skene's House click here
For more into about Bill Gibb and his hidden bumble bee's click here 

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Edinburgh Fesival.

Decided to go home this weekend to Wishaw and took a last minute  trip with the family to the Edinburgh festival.

While I was there I met up with my friend Holly and we took a walk around taking in the range of culture and atmosphere our capital has to offer.

We are soo lucky to have something as wonderful as the Edinburgh festival in Scotland, the range of shows,exibitions and acts are just unbelievable to be happening in the one city!

I wonder how many Scots really take the time to experience the culture their country has to offer at the Edinburgh festival which is something I instantly noticed not hearing one Scottish accent in the crowd

RIGHT: The worlds most pierced woman...only one of the more peculiar aspects of the festival on the walk of the Royal Mile.

 An excellent day out, would recommend it to anyone!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Daily Photo Blog

Thats me been taking a daily photograph for 82 days now.

I've found it so very interesting yet challenging at the same time, its often difficult to to think of something or somewhere to photograph (especially a lazy Sunday) but I've realised by undertaking this personal project that I have really started looking at things very differently, its often the things that we become complacent and oblivious to that are the most interesting if we take the time to notice.
As the saying goes "Take time to smell the roses"
I defiantly plan in continuing this project and look forward to looking back in a years time at how my photograph  and life has evolved a every day.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Art School Summer Project

Well we have just received our summer project for textiles, the summer break is nearly over however better late than never.

Although extremely busy with work at the moment with the release for the New Collection of Collars and Snoods  I have decided to spend a couple of hours (or at least one) a night to get the project going.
The project is to
  • Buy Elle & Elle Home magazine
  • Create 20 drawings inspired by the magazines
  • Write 2 essays on each of the magazines
  • Start a fabric bible to refer to costs and where to buy
Luckily the with the work we are doing for the winter collection of Collars and our visit to Paris in September the fabric samples shouldn't be too difficult to gather.

These are some of the drawings I have completed so far for this project.....Don't worry I wont bore you with the essays.....yet

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