Monday, 26 July 2010

New luxurious faux fur Collars & Snoods

These are some photographs of our Luxurious faux fur collars & snoods
This is the photograph we are using as the front to the CARi Collars Collection

I took this photograph of CARi and between myself photoshoping 
the image and CARi drawing over it this is the end result.
Leave me a comment telling me what you think or
to find out more or buy our collars and snoods click here!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Vintage Photography.

Myself and CARi have been extremely busy after returning from our holidays, between getting lots of orders for various shops to sell the Collars and Snoods SEEN HERE and Finishing our deluxe range of luxurious winter Collars and Snoods (Coming Soon!) its been hard to find a minute.

However this is some vintage photography I have taken of CARi and her new purchases from the US. You can see more of my Fashion Photography on the Fashion Site

Ireland 2010

Just back recently from a holiday to Ireland...these are a few of my favourite photographs taken over the week.

A truly rural Irish landscape...beautiful.

A little Irish Cottage we discovered whilst driving and was well worth stopping to visit...

This is a photograph a
of my Granda, Sean Griffin. A fantastic photographer and is a constant push and inspiration to my work.
 Through the looking glass...

Tunics tea cakes.....even in Ireland

Flying a kite had to be one of the highlights to the holiday....really hysterical seeing us all run as the kite bolt towards the ground.

Marble Arches Caves

The Marble Arch Cavesis located in the rugged mountainous uplands and the gentle rolling lowlands of counties Fermanagh and Cavan. Taking in the world-famous Marble Arch Caves boasts some of the finest natural landscapes in Ireland and offers a window into the area's 650 million year past.

Really fantastic place to visit if you get the chance.....

Friday, 16 July 2010


Away to Ireland at the moment so not much blogging (lack of internet access) but you can keep up-to-date with my daily photoblog by Clicking Here

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Monday, 5 July 2010

Surrealism is a way of life.

Surrealism is an art style that greatly interests me, I think since visiting Kelvin Grove Art Gallery and seeing Dali as a child, Surrealism has left a lasting impression on me.

This is the work by an painter I recently discovered called Tetsuya Ishida- I think I relate to this piece as I particularly hate the lack of personal space and claustrophobia in public transport.
  Below is a video that's a particular favourite of mine and is a sort of tongue in cheek viewpoint on it to bits though.....

Gimme Five

I made this video as an accompaniment to a Cookbook CARi has had published.
The Cookbook is called "Gimme-Five" - a Cookbook for students & singles.

The video is a stop motion- photographs put together to make it seem as though its moving, I took over 800 photographs to make this video.


Find out more & purchase the cookbook by clicking here
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