Saturday, 20 February 2010

Identity of Jewelery

This was a week long project where I got the chance to have access to Jewelery workshops and facilities, the below image is a paper model i created inspired by a part of my own identity that is my obsession with trees. We were given plastic to work with in various colours, to cut the leaf shapes out I used a large electric Ban Saw.

Once I had cut out the shapes into the plastic I then inserted it into this large hot oven at about 200*c for about five min, this resulted in the plastic to be much more flexible and a jelly like material.

Since the plastic was in a much more flexible state I was able to shape it around this metal tube to make it into bracelets.

After Creating a matching necklace for the bracelets i decided to make a large scale necklace.
The image below is a paper model which I made and was the starting point to the necklace which was make out of four large plastic panels. After a long time cutting the sharp leaf shapes out of perspecs I made small clear glass leafs to join the panels together.

Below is my perspecs plastic jewlery.

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