Thursday, 21 January 2010

Winter Photography

This is a series of pictures some taken during the snow and the cold spell afterwards, the photographs of the bridge and the river were taken here in Aberdeen, however the pictures of the snow were taken at home in Wishaw. The Bridge is the start of a project I'm doing at the moment which has to follow the theme of "Worn and Distressed" and "Neglect" for the Art School.

The two photographs below were taken the other night and I was extremely pleased with them.

They are the two most atmospheric photographs I felt Ive taken.

Meanwhile back home in Wishaw.......

Stained Glass Presents

For Christmas I decided to make some personal and origional presents in an attempt to stear away from the usuall Cd n chocolates senario, therefore I decided to make my presents personalised them for who I was giving them to, thought it might be a bit more personal and thoughtfull. :)

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